Dreamers of Dreams

(originally published in Screen Magazine on 10/17/12)

At first, I thought that these words were originally spoken by Gene Wilder in Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory (one of the greatest movies ever.) I didn’t know that the often-quoted first two lines were part of a poem titled “Ode” written by Arthur O’Shaughnessy in 1874. According to Wikipedia, the phrase “mover & shakers” originated here.

As I read this poem, I couldn’t help but think of who might be the best “dreamers” or “movers & shakers” in the Chicago advertising and post-production industry. So I thought I’d make a brief – though incomplete – list.

These creative professionals are in no particular order. I didn’t use any kind of barometer to measure their accomplishments; I didn’t even ask them if I could include them in this article. I’m just sitting in a Starbucks and thinking of people I admire. The people, who in my opinion embody the words of the poem “Ode.” With that said, here you go:

Marko Markewycz 
I don’t know if Marko considers himself a dreamer, but I certainly do. His imagination knows no bounds, and you can see it in his work and his art. He’s also one of the sweetest individual I’ve ever met.

Roy Skillicorn 
Roy’s passion for the creative business is unparalleled. He is more than a “mover & shaker.” Roy is a leader.

Dennis Manarchy 
Dennis is a visionary, plain and simple. His new photography series “Vanishing Cultures” is groundbreaking.

Reid Brody 
Reid has a mind like no one else I know. He’s not afraid to have an unconventional idea. He’s not afraid to dream big, and he accomplishes what he sets out to achieve.

Melissa Barany 
Melissa’s creativity and enthusiasm inspire me. She’s truly innovative and is the person you want to work with again and again.

Bernie Pitzel 
I have so much respect for Bernie. He has integrity, he is super creative, and he enjoys the process.

Bob Carr 
Bob is one of those rare individuals who is not only a creative thinker, but also a wonderful businessman. Throw in the fact that he’s a super nice guy, and it’s clear why he continues to be a driving force in Chicago.

Nathalynne McGinnis 
Nathalynne has more perseverance than anyone I know. She is a wonderful human being, an exceptional producer, and a valuable asset to the Chicago production community.

Pete Stacker 
Pete is a pro. I don’t just mean a voice-over pro; he is an all around professional. In addition to having a great voice, I’ve always been impressed that Pete doesn’t rest on his success. He is constantly looking to get better and be more accessible.

Debbie Amsden 
I have so much respect for Debbie, it’s hard to put it into words. She well deserves the 2012 Focus Achievement Award from Women in Film Chicago (WIFC). A fantastic leader, a gifted producer, and a joy to work with.

Brian Reed 
Brian is another great example of a creative business leader with unbelievable business skills. He has a terrific set of mixing ears and seems to enjoy sustained growth over the years. This guy’s a serious mover and shaker.

Truthfully there is not enough space in this article to list everyone in the Chicago production community who has inspired me. So it’s your turn. Who are the people you would describe as “the movers and shakers” and “the dreamers of dreams?” I welcome your comments.

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