About Jim Olen

Jim Olen started his post-production career at Editel/Chicago.  While there, he learned every aspect of the industry by working in production, audio, graphics, editing, and client services.  A move to the sales department not only produced record revenues, but instilled an entrepreneurial spirit that has endured.  In 1996, with two partners, he opened the music production company The Rhythm Cafe, which quickly grew to become one of the most respected shops in the Midwest.  As President and Executive Producer, Jim’s skill set expanded to include accounting, human resources, and marketing.   He successfully produced music campaigns for The Oprah Winfrey Show, HBO, McDonald’s, Coca-Cola, and Gatorade.  Creatively, the Rhythm Cafe’s projects ranged from an eighty-piece orchestra in Prague, to a marching band in Los Angeles, to a hip-hop track in New York.  Jim’s latest venture is Creative Arts Consulting.  His focus is to develop marketing strategies, perform CFO services, offer strategic management advice, and build new revenue streams for owners and creative individuals who like to keep their focus on their clients and craft.

Jim Olen’s LinkedIn Profile

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