IMG_7039Jim Olen’s writing career began in 1990, when his imagination led him to performing stand-up at comedy clubs across Chicago. With a keen interest in developing his writing skills, Jim auditioned for (and was accepted to) the Second City Training Center, where he found himself authoring sketches for others, and providing material for comics who were in need of a little inspiration. 

He continued his professional writing in the form of commercial radio and tv scripts for a wide variety of clients, eventually finding corporate communications as his ‘writing sweet spot’, combining his love of marketing and storytelling. While at New Chapter Entertainment, Jim had the opportunity to expand his B2B & B2C portfolio to include branded entertainment (programming with an agenda), writing episodic content for networks and production companies looking to attach a sponsor to a piece of short form entertainment.

Because Jim is constantly looking to do work outside of his comfort zone, he was more than happy to contribute to the non-scripted development department at New Chapter Entertainment, delivering treatments in response to individual network needs, and eventually assembled a good amount of potential shows that the company and it’s agent could represent.

Over the years (in his down time), Jim has developed scripted shows as well, including a one hour drama and several sitcoms. Whether writing comedy or heart felt drama, Jim enjoys reaching an audience on an emotional level through his screenwriting.

If you’re interested in reviewing Jim’s screenwriting work, treatments, or pilot episodes… please contact him directly.

Jim Olen

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