I have a great deal of passion for writing corporate communication pieces, and truly enjoy the entire process. The first step is to get to know the brand’s voice, promise, and mission. Next, I dive deeper into their visual identity and company-wide marketing efforts. With a wholistic understanding of the client, I respond to the creative brief with a set of concept boards to ensure that I’m headed down the right path. After the initial concept is approved, storyboard and scripting can begin.

  • The American Woodmark team needed a piece of content to be a part of their Home Depot virtual trade show. The challenge for was to summarize the brand’s 40 year history into 4:00 and also outline the core offerings to their sales partners. After the concept boards were approved, the script was written and an animator was contracted. The end result was a video that exceeded the client expectations.
  • Writing scripts for a large brand like Aetna takes a great deal of understanding and patience. Done correctly, you really get know the brand inside and out. You also come to realize that any parameters or legal restrictions around on the project simple force you to be even more creative. This video shows I like a good challenge.
  • My friends at Industrial Marketing asked that I help write, produce, and direct a piece of branded content for their client H&D Distributors. After everything was approved and we locked in a strong actor for our production… our actor cancelled, and our budget was trimmed down. Eventually, I dusted off my Second City chops and got in front of the camera for this video.
  • Often times, one piece of video content can serve several marketing needs, so I do my best to make sure the copy and the visual theme are somewhat universal within the brand’s needs. This was the case for the script for Davis Vision and Versant Health. The video would be designed to work in a digital experience first, then used for branded content on different platforms.

More examples of concept boards and scripts for B2B videos include:  Blue Star Families, Cedar Capital, Dell, DuPont.

I’ve been fortunate to write and produce a wide variety of content for virtual and live events. It’s always important for me to inspire the viewer with copy, and move them emotionally with strong visuals, but on events, you have to take it one step further and lift the audience off their seat, get their blood pumping, and fuel their enthusiasm for the upcoming year.

  • Here is a script I wrote for my friends at DuPont. It was decided that we make it loud, distort the VO, and make the start of this virtual conference unlike anything the audience has ever experienced. I’m told the video helped achieve the objective.
  • PSCU was a fun event to be put on. I was asked to concept an opening video that also incorporated a live element. With the theme of “Beyond Limits”, both the script and the on-stage act had to emphasize the benefits that come from taking chances in order to achieve greater success. Both the video and the live experience were a hit.
  • In 2019, the program for the SONIC National Convention included a piece of media to promote the 2020 event in San Diego. Ron Burgandy was quickly mentioned as the true champion of all things San Diego, and the writing began. Of course, casting is key when you concept, write, and produce a video like this, but I believe we did the character justice. 
  • KB Home is a wonderful client to work for. In 2019, the client wanted to step up the exposure of the the dozens of brands that participate in the conference. The concept behind the DME (Digital Motion Environment)was to take elements from their style guide and create an animated puzzle to reveal all the logos on the ultra-wide screen in the general session room. Once the video was approved, we were asked to brainstorm around how that experience could live in the concourse of the meeting hall, for more direct interaction from attendees. This traveling exhibit has proven to be an engaging messaging tool for the client for several events since 2019. 

More examples of event media scripts for Live and Virtual events include: iRI, KB Home 2020, Honey Baked Ham, and the CMO Club.

I define branded entertainment as programming with an agenda. These episodic pieces of content designed to be a creative conduit between a brand and its key demographics.

  • This is Tag, You’re It, it was originally written for a L.A. based production company who need a concept that appealed to a retail sponsor and their millennial mom target.
  • Carpool was written for Nickelodeon (Nick Mom) so they can get a car sponsor.
  • A colleague at Variety Magazine was in charge of an initiative to launch a content studio for potential sponsors, and I was asked to create a series for Sling TV.
  • The Fighting Blue Birds is a series developed for Nationwide Insurance as a potential sponsorship vehicle for the NFL draft. An experiential element was added for onsite activation.

More examples of branded entertainment concepts, include: Lyft, Tim McGraw, If The Shoe Fits, and Office Crash.

My role in digital projects (as either a creative consultant or an in-house creative director), is to listen to the client needs and ensure expectations in functionality are being met and the goals in the creative vision are exceeded. Much like my process for storyboards and mood boards I create for videos, I’ll start by putting together a wireframe drawing (Illustrator) of what could be the customer experience, and I’ll suggest what the content could be in support of the marketing strategy. I typically will help source web designer options, and manage their creative output. I often write a great deal of the content, and manage the production of the art assets to be used.

If you’re looking for more scripts or storyboard examples of my work, please feel free to reach out to me.