IMG_7039My writing career began in 1990, when I started performing stand-up at comedy clubs across Chicago. With a keen interest in developing those skills, I auditioned for (and was accepted to) the Second City Training Center, where I started writing sketches for others, and providing material for comics who were in need of a little inspiration. 

I continued my professional writing in the form of commercial radio and tv scripts for a wide variety of clients, eventually finding corporate communications as my ‘writing sweet spot’, combining a love of marketing and a passion for storytelling. While at New Chapter Entertainment, I had the opportunity to expand my B2B & B2C portfolio to include branded entertainment (programming with an agenda), writing episodic content for networks and production companies looking to attach a sponsor to a piece of short form entertainment.

Because I am constantly looking to do work outside of my comfort zone, I was more than happy to contribute to the non-scripted development department at New Chapter Entertainment, delivering treatments in response to individual network needs, and eventually assembled a good amount of potential shows that the company and it’s agent could represent to networks.

Even though my stint in TV production ended, I continued to develop shows, including a one hour TV pilot and several sitcoms. Whether writing comedy or heartfelt drama, I enjoy reaching an audience on an emotional level through screenwriting.

If you’re interested in reviewing my screenwriting work, treatments, or pilot episodes… please contact me directly.

Jim Olen

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