A short distraction goes a long way

Don’t let being a business owner consume your life.  And yes, this is coming from the same guy that suggests you should work at least 4 hours every weekend (It’s 5pm on Sunday…).  A short distraction can go a long way to maintaining a successful business.  I played video games at lunch to clear my head, but that was usually a short-term fix.  Playing golf might help some folks, but I always found thoughts of meetings and financials twirling around in my head between shots. Going to Vegas is a great distraction, I usually forget all about work when I go there.  Even if I lose money at the blackjack tables, the experience inspires me to re-focus, and concentrate even more on sales and new revenue streams.  But the best distraction for me over the years was the Simpsons.  Every episode is so stupid, funny, obnoxious, and brilliant, that it was impossible for me to think about work.  Watching mindless TV really helps your mind rest.

So remember to take a break every once in a while.  Do something that physically or mentally takes you away from the office.  Play Space Invaders if you need to blow off some steam. Take a trip to Vegas and “lose” yourself.  And for the love of God, watch the Simpsons!

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