Is it time to re-invent your business?

Is it time to re-invent your business?  I’m not talking about a major overhaul, but perhaps a little tinkering.  Can your business model be better?  Thomas Edison continued to upgrade his inventions well after their initial patents, why can’t you do the same?

Much has changed since you started your business, and I don’t even know when that was.  About ten years ago, a friend of mine suggested that it was necessary to re-invent your business every 5 years to stay competitive.  In the current climate, it might be beneficial to look at your business model from a different perspective every year.  Perhaps it’s time to take advantage of some new technology, bring on young creative talent, eliminate redundancies, or even develop a new logo and company personality.

Drawing inspiration from the latest round of DirectTV spots, let me finish with this… When a creative shop stops moving forward, it becomes complacent.  When it becomes complacent, it’s known for offering mediocre services.  When it’s known for offering mediocre services, clients will stop working with them.  When clients stop working with them, the business closes.  So re-invent often, and don’t ever stop moving forward.

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